When workers organize with the Teamsters Union, they gain the power to make themselves heard.

Forming a union at your workplace gives you and your co-workers the power to stand up for your families, your futures and yourselves. Through a legal, binding contract it gives you a strong, collective voice with which to demand decent working conditions, with fair pay and benefits.

That’s what the Teamsters are all about; decent working conditions, better pay, strong benefits and dignity and respect on the job.

The Teamsters can help you explain the benefits of union membership to your fellow employees, and assist in planning an organizing drive. Once you and your co-workers become Teamsters, working with your local union representatives, contract language and proposals for negotiations are developed. Local Union officers and business agents fight with you to win a fair, good-paying Teamster contract with job protection that you deserve.

Teamster contracts are the best in the labor movement. We have earned our reputation for bargaining hard and demanding the best protections and wages. For a century Teamster solidarity has kept corporate America from holding the cards and calling all the shots. When you join the Teamsters you put that history to work for you.

We are the Teamsters. We are 1.4 million strong and our membership is growing. Join us. United We Win.


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You have the legal right to organize!

To contact a LOCAL UNION ORGANIZER at Teamsters 439:

Call  (209)948-9592 Monday thru Thursday 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 3pm. Voice Mail is always available 24 hours. All Inquiries and telephone calls are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

Did You Know?

The Local 439 building assessment and initiation fees for all newly organized Local 439 Teamsters are waived.