Physician Designation Form: {Download PDF Form}

You have the legal right to designate your doctor to treat you for an injury that has occurred on the job! You must first designate your treating physician by filling out the form and submitting it to the employer prior to any on-the-job-injury. The form must be filled in 3 copies (original to the employer, copy to the union and copy for yourself.)

Change of Address Form: {Click Here To Fill Out Form Online}

– This form will only change your address with the Local 439. You will still need to update this change with  all benefit administrators for which you may belong, such as Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund,  401K Plan(s), your  health administrator  and your Employer.  Visit the Work Site Page to find your corresponding benefit administrator(s).

Withdrawal Request Form: {Click Here To Fill Out Form Online}

– You must not have any pending claims under the Grievance Procedure,  all of your fees must be paid current and up to date, and you must be permanently terminated from your job, such as voluntary quit,  lay-off, termination,  retirement,  moved to a non-bargaining unit position.  If you have a temporary disability that will result in your absence from work for 30 full calendar days or more, and you would like to temporarily stop your membership,  you may apply for a withdrawal card.  It will be your responsibility to immediately notify the office when you return to work as a Teamster.   Please note that a temporary withdrawal from the union can affect eligibility to run for union office positions and apply for certain scholarships offered through the union and its affiliates.

Transfer Policy and Procedure:

Any member in good standing is entitled to obtain a transfer card from their Local Union in which he is a member in order to become a member of the Local Union within whose jurisdiction he is employed. Every member must report to the Local Union into which transfer is sought upon obtaining employment and must present to the Local Union proper and satisfactory identification. *

Once you are employed in our jurisdiction, please contact Local 439 at (209) 948-9592 to transfer your Teamsters Membership. The membership specialist will need your withdrawal card or last Local Union number.

Members who transfer to Local 439 will pay a transfer free (generally a month’s dues or any debt owed to the transferring local) in lieu of an initiation fee. Regular dues with Local 439 will begin the following month.

*Excerpt from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Constitution, Article XVIII